Opening Up Our Songbook...


Since we moved, we have been writing an incredible amount of songs. We decided that letting the songs pile up in our songbook, never being heard until we hit the studio, wasn't doing any good for anyone! So with that being said, we decided to start recording videos and share a new original song on Youtube every Tuesday & Thursday!

(YES you heard that right...a new original song, TWICE A WEEK.)

That goes to show just how many songs we are dying to share with you all!


We would also like to share with you guys the story behind some of these songs! With that being said, let us dive right into the meanings behind this week's two originals:


Do You Wonder?

Do You Wonder - Have you ever had a broken heart over someone you didn't actually date? "Do You Wonder" is basically confronting that situation. When someone led you on to believe that you may have had something...and when you see them move on in a new relationship, you are left questioning if what you had with them was even real. Was it all in my head? Did that person ever wonder what we could've been? How can I cry over someone who wasn't even really mine?

Listen to the full song, Do You Wonder on Youtube Now! -


Selfish - Have you ever held on to someone because you're afraid you won't find somebody else? "Selfish" is a song we wrote about having the courage to admit that you are being selfish by holding onto a relationship that you know in your heart has no future. When you finally reach the point of realizing you're leading on that person to believe in something that you know in your heart is over. It's tough admitting that someone you once loved very deeply isn't "The One" ... but it's selfish to not admit the truth.

Listen to the full song, Selfish on Youtube Now! -

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We appreciate the time you give us whether it be through reading this blog post or watching our videos on youtube.

We appreciate each & every one of you more than you know.


Jamilyn & Dani.



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