The Truth About The Move

As you guys know, we have decided earlier this year that we are going to move to Nashville, TN to pursue our music dream. The truth is we have never really spent much time in Nashville, other than visiting once when we were much younger, Dani (9) & Jamilyn (12). With that being said, we have had this past year to create a perfect image in our head of what Nashville will be like, "A big beautiful city where dreams come true"

Since the moment we got off the plane, we have been waiting for a big "WOW, this is what I've been waiting for, this is it." kind of moment but the truth is, its been quite the waiting game considering we are on day 8 of this trip and still haven't gotten that magical feeling we were expecting.

So, to be completely honest the first half of this trip has been filled with anxiety. We've been touring many different apartments and exploring the city. You would think we would be extremely excited to find the place we will be calling home for the next year but honestly, its been extremely overwhelming. I guess we just didn't prepare ourselves for how real the move is becoming and how difficult it will be to make a life out here without our family. Now don't get us wrong, of course we are extremely grateful that our parents are giving us this opportunity. However this is the first time we will be living on our own which can be pretty scary and on top of that it's 2,002 miles away from home. So despite the anxiety attacks in between apartment tours, we eventually found a place that didn't bring us a homesick feeling. We move in August 17th!

Nashville, TN.

So it wouldn't be fair to the city of Nashville to only talk about our anxiety here. With that being said, here are some pictures of some really great moments we've had on this trip.

The city of Nashville throws the ultimate 4th of July Party...Lady Antebellum played a free concert!

Over the weekend, we finally forgot about all of the anxiety we had when we drove up to Lenoir City (Close to Knoxville), TN for a family reunion. We even got to meet some relatives for the very first time!

Jamming at the family reunion!

We also faced a HUGE fear when our uncle took us up on his airplane. It's a small plane so he took us up one at a time and even let us steer the plane! It was so scary but it was awesome flying over Tennessee!

So here we are sitting in our hotel lobby, back in Nashville, writing this to you. We head back home tomorrow and then won't be back in Nashville for 6 weeks. We will keep you guys updated throughout this journey of ours. Despite the anxiety, we promise to not give up.

We will talk to you soon! #TBK


Jamilyn & Dani



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