The Truth About The Move. Part 2.

Updated: Oct 22, 2018

Hey TBK Family!!!

We decided an update on our move to Nashville is long overdue now that we have been settled in this town for about 2 months.

A few months back, we wrote a honest blog post about how we really felt after visiting Nashville before the big move. We were emotional, scared, and sad to say the least... 2,000 miles away from home isn't easy for anyone, especially two young, home-bodies. However, if we waited until we were ready, we wouldn't go.

So, how did we take control of this fearful mind?

Well, the first week on our own here we chased down every open mic we could find. Commodore Grille, Douglas Corner Cafe, Cafe Coco...if it had an open mic, we were there. We got practice playing on these terrifying Nashville stages and finally built up the courage to try and get on the stage we've dreamed about playing on since we were kids...The stage that held songs sung by our idols...the very stage Taylor Swift got discovered on. We quickly realized how difficult it actually is to get a spot on that stage, one phone call doesn't quite make the cut. Eventually, our persistence (172 calls to be exact) paid off and got us into The Famous Bluebird Cafe. We have now played on this stage three times and it doesn't ever get less scary! It's the best feeling!

Waiting in line to play at The Bluebird for the first time! (9/17)

We can honestly say, we are genuinely happy these days. We truly did not expect to feel this way considering the days leading up to this move, we were preparing ourselves to be home-sick, depressed, and lonely. Don't get us wrong, we miss home... we miss our family. Over FaceTime this past week our 3 year old niece asked us, "Is Santa Clause gonna bring you back home?" ... That part of this move makes it incredibly hard. However, every doubt gives us a reason to stay and there really is something special about living off of Music Row...chasing your dream with your sister, its an indescribable feeling.

The Bluebird Cafe - 10/15

It's moments like these on this special stage...where the 10 year old Jamilyn & 7 year old Dani would dream about playing on.

If Nashville has given us anything yet, its the growth we've gained. We give every single second to this dream whether its writing a new song, showing up to play at songwriter's nights, or networking with other local musicians. With no distractions here that aren't music related, it has helped us focus on our sound. We have been writing about 3 songs a week. The best thing about living with your bandmate is that you can write literally ALL THE TIME.

Thank you for coming on this journey with us. We feel incredibly blessed to be supported throughout this! We will continue to update you guys on our journey...please keep sharing our music video "Jacket" and SUBSCRIBE to our Youtube Channel! Tell your friends to subscribe! Help the TBK FAMILY grow!

We love you guys so much!


Jamilyn & Dani

P.S. Every phrase that was italicized in this post may or may not be new lyrics from our songbook ;) Stay tuned!



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